2600 Pioneer Matriculants at Emmanuel Alayande University VC,Prof. Olaniyan - Be Deserving Representatives of This Institution

In the presence of Governor Seyi Makinde, who was ably represented by Professor Salihu AbdulWaheed Adelabu, the State Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, Emmanuel Alayande University of Education, Oyo on Tuesday matriculated 2,600 new students, making up the institution's first class of students.

In his inaugural speech, Professor Olaniyan welcomed everyone to the first matriculation ceremony, according to a press release from the institution's media and public relations officer, Wale Adeoye. He saved special thanks for Governor Seyi Makinde, whose unwavering support allowed the erstwhile College of Education to become a university in December 2022 and matriculate 2,600 students in its inaugural year.


During his speech, Professor Olaniyan urged the just matriculated students to always represent the university with honor. He pleaded with them to abstain from all vices in society and from cultism, which is often disapproved of in universities.

"I extend a warm greeting to all on this momentous occasion, especially the parents and guidance. It is crucial to note that all of these changes were made possible by a great deal of effort and encouragement from Oyo State's executive governor, engineer Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde. In December 2022, he personally escorted the school's administrative team to Abuja to obtain the necessary licenses to function as a university. said Prof. Olaniyan.

We started the admissions process in December 2023 after presenting 50 academic programs, all of which the NCC accepted. In January of that year, we applied to JAMB. 2,600 of the 3,606 applicants for admission are matriculating today, having all been accepted on the basis of merit.

"The numerous applications were submitted from 24 states around the nation, with a gender distribution of 59% female, 41% male, and 75% from Oyo State and 25% from elsewhere in the nation. The school offers fifty programs, twenty departments, and five faculties, comprising the Vocational & Innovative Entrepreneurship Education, Science, Social Sciences, and Art faculties. He came to an end.

Governor Seyi Makinde told the freshly matriculating students that everything they do in life begins here. Governor Makinde was represented by Prof. AbdulWaheed Adelabu Salihu, the Honorable Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology. He counseled them to develop and implement all of the numerous ideas that Gen Z has to offer.

"Start today, whatever it is you're going to do with your life; it will mold you for the future. Now is the moment to tackle your studies head-on, start putting ideas into practice, and see them through to completion. Get away from cults and social vices. Prof. Salihu said.

"I extend my congratulations to all parents and students, and I extend my special wishes to Governor Seyi Makinde for his tireless efforts in transforming this institution into a university," he continued.

Professor Adeniyi Gbadegesin, the guest lecturer, expressed his sincere gratitude to the trailblazing instructors who have joined this momentous shift from Emmanuel Alayande College of Education for their redoubled dedication to the academic success of all students.

During his speech, Prof. Gbadegesin also covered seven navigational keys that will aid students in navigating their four years at the university.

During his speech, Prof. Gbadegesin also covered seven navigational keys that will aid students in navigating their four years at the university.

I'll be providing some advice, which I've broken down into seven keys based on my own experience to help you through this four-year journey. These are: Make self-care your secret weapon; Make self-care your mission; Humble yourself; Create an Alliance, Overcome Obstacles; Manage Your Time Efficiently; and Radiate Positivity, Flex Your Resilience. said Professor Gbadegesin.

Following that, the 2,600 students swore in as actual Emmanuel Alayande University of Education students for the 2023–2024 Session.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Olatunde Salawu, Registrar Mrs. Olubunmi Asunmo, Bursar Mr. Olawole Ojetola, and Ag. University Librarian Dr. Serifat Asiru are among the other members of the university administration present.





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