Research and Publication at Emmanuel Alayande University of Education

Research and publication at Emmanuel Alayande University of Education in Oyo are integral components of the institution's academic culture and mission. The university places a strong emphasis on fostering a vibrant research environment that contributes to the advancement of knowledge, enhances teaching methodologies, and addresses societal challenges.

1. Research Culture:

The university encourages a robust research culture among faculty, researchers, and students. This involves promoting a mindset that values inquiry, critical thinking, and the pursuit of knowledge. Various departments and research centers within the university facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, encouraging researchers to explore diverse perspectives and methodologies.

2. Academic Journals:

Emmanuel Alayande University of Education supports the publication of research findings through its academic journals. Faculty members and researchers are encouraged to submit their work to these journals, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge within the academic community. The journals cover a wide range of disciplines, reflecting the university's commitment to comprehensive educational research.

3. Conference Participation:

The university actively promotes participation in conferences, seminars, and workshops at national and international levels. This allows researchers to showcase their work, receive feedback, and engage with peers in their respective fields. Conferences also provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and staying abreast of the latest developments in education and related disciplines.

4. Research Grants and Funding:

Emmanuel Alayande University of Education encourages researchers to seek external grants and funding to support their research initiatives. This financial support enables faculty members and students to conduct in-depth studies and projects that contribute to the body of knowledge.

5. Community Engagement:

Research at the university extends beyond academic boundaries to address the needs of the local community. The institution is committed to conducting research that has a positive impact on society, addressing issues related to education, community development, and more.

6. Research Ethics:

The university upholds high ethical standards in research. Researchers are expected to conduct their studies with integrity, ensuring the welfare of participants and maintaining the highest ethical standards in data collection and analysis.

7. Student Involvement:

Emmanuel Alayande University of Education encourages student involvement in research activities. This not only enhances the learning experience for students but also contributes to a dynamic research community within the institution.



Tetfund institution-based research (ibr) Call for proposals/application for year 2024

Emmanuel Alayande University of Education, Oyo is pleased to announce the 2024 Tertiary Education Trust Fund Institution-Based Research (TETFUND IBR) Call for Proposals. The objective of the institution-based Research is to promote researches among academic staff. The grant is expected to drive research culture and collaborative practice among academic staff. It is an opportunity for early career researchers to build their capacity to be lead investigators.....CONTINUE READING