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application form is now open for 2023/2024 session===|>EMMANUEL ALAYANDE UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY CHANGE OF NAME OR IDENTITY ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED ADMISSION. ===|> Emmanuel Alayande university of education, oyo 2023/2024 jamb cut-off mark for all courses is out, click on student portal from the menu options to download the brochure <===

Arts Education

Arts education is a vital component of a well-rounded curriculum, focusing on nurturing creativity, expression, and critical thinking through various artistic disciplines. It involves visual arts, music, dance, theater, and more, offering students a platform to explore, create, and appreciate diverse forms of artistic expression.

Science Education

Science education forms the foundation for understanding the natural world and scientific principles. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, and more.

Social Science Education

Social science education encompasses disciplines such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, political science, and more, focusing on the study of human behavior, societies, and systems.

Specialised And Professional Education

Specialized and professional education refers to focused training and academic programs designed to prepare individuals for specific careers or industries.

Vocational, Innovation And Engineering Education

Vocational, innovation, and engineering education focus on practical skill development, innovation-driven learning, and specialized training in engineering disciplines.


To be the best specialized University of Education in Africa with a niche in the: integration teaching and learning; advancement of knowledge through research and scholarship; leadership in service and development; and in producing teachers and manpower suited to the challenges of the contemporary global knowledge economy.


To be an incubator for the training and production of highly qualified, top-notched and globally relevant professionals who will serve as teachers, administrators, supervisors, counsellors and other essential manpower in the field of education, community service, industry and development at the national and international levels.

Our History

The story of the Emmanuel Alayande University of Education can be traced to the establishment of St. Andrews College, Abeokuta in 1853 which succeeded the then CMS Training Institution pioneered by the Anglican Communion of Nigeria in 1867. The College was moved to Lagos and later to Oyo on 18th March, 1896. It is worthy of noting that St. Andrew’s College of Education played a significant role in birthing tertiary education in Nigeria as it was devoted to the training of Grade II Teachers even before the establishment of University of Ibadan in 1948.....

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Our Latest News

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