Dr Ademola ATANDA





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Emmanuel Alayande University of Education desires “’to be the best specialized University of education in Africa with a niche in the: integration of teaching and learning; advancement of knowledge through research and scholarship; leadership in service and development; and in producing teachers and manpower suited to the challenges of the contemporary global knowledge economy’’ Therefore, research is a significant activity that could facilitate realization of the university vision. It is a statement of fact that quality teaching is a product of good research. This makes research undertakings very central to the achievement of the university’s vision. In addition, the university intends to advance internationalization agenda in the global space. Therefore, ‘if the institution will not take universe out of the university’ its international collaborations, international partnerships, staff and student exchange programmes must be given attention. In view of above, the University Management established Directorate of Research Management and International programmes (RMIP) in October, 2023 with the following vision: Vision of RMIP The vision of RMIP is to facilitate quality research for development and enlarge international relationships of the University in the global space. Specific objectives of the Directorate include; 1. To formulate and review research policy for the university 2. To foster staff capacity building in the art of grantsmanship 3. To provide regular information on available grants, fellowship and awards 4. To review and provide institutional endorsement for all Institutional Based Research proposals to internal and external sponsors, assuring compliance with University policies and sponsor terms and conditions 5. To provide technical support to grant awardees 6. To facilitate dissemination of research outputs 7. To establish linkages with local and international funding agencies 8. To guide academic staff on standard publication outlets 9. To coordinate and support international programmes (attract and support international scholars and students in conjunction with faculties) 10. Facilitate capacity building of global citizenship in conjunction with faculties (promoting international experiences for students and staff – international conferences, seminars) 11. To provide of information on international opportunities 12. To promote and sustain international partnerships (coordinate and monitor MOUs, strengthen exchanges)