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The Directorate of General Studies Programme exists to take charge of all general courses to be taken by all the students in the university. The Directorate is a part of the minimum standards for academic activities approved by the National University Commission (NUC). The programme is designed to expose students to a variety of knowledge across disciplines, be it English language culture, science, logic and philosophy, peace and conflict resolution, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills, to mention but a few. General studies courses are compulsory for all students because they have the potential to bridge gaps in human knowledge, thus preparing the students to meet the challenges of the industrial revolution/globalisation adequately. With the introduction of the General Studies Programme to the specialised field of studies for students, it is hoped that after their graduation, they will be able to deliver positively to society. Therefore, the objectives of the General Studies Programme include the following: i. building students with a sound foundation and functional proficiency in the English language and its various uses. ii. instilling in the students the knowledge of the diversity of Nigerian culture and how to enhance unity despite the diversity. iii. teaching the students the values of positive and moral character and the custom of rational enquiry, which are requisite for daily social activities. iv. awakening students' consciousness for peace and harmony in society. v. building in the students an entrepreneurial mindset and furnishing them with skills required to successfully begin and manage a business for self-reliance, thereby contributing to national development. vi. exposing students to the rudiments of computer literacy to effectively carry out tasks in the contemporary world.