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  1. Special Education Support: Special education addresses the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities or special learning requirements, offering tailored educational programs, accommodations, and support services.

  2. Individualized Learning: It emphasizes individualized learning plans, adaptive teaching methods, and interventions to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities, ensuring inclusive and equitable education.

  3. Collaboration and Inclusion: Special education promotes collaboration among educators, parents, and specialists to create inclusive learning environments, fostering acceptance and support for diverse learners.

  4. Assessment and Intervention: It involves assessment tools, identification methods, and personalized interventions to support academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth for students with diverse needs.

  5. Advocacy and Policy Implementation: Special education advocates for policy development, legal rights, and equitable access to education for individuals with disabilities, ensuring their inclusion and rights within educational systems.

  6. Guidance and Counseling Services: Guidance and counseling provide social, emotional, and academic support to students, addressing personal development, career guidance, mental health, and social issues.

  7. Mentoring and Support Systems: It offers mentoring programs, peer support groups, and counseling services to address emotional challenges, behavioral issues, and improve social skills among students.

  8. Career Planning and Life Skills: Guidance and counseling assist students in career planning, decision-making, and acquiring essential life skills, fostering personal growth and preparing them for future transitions.

Special education and guidance counseling play pivotal roles in providing personalized support, fostering inclusivity, addressing diverse needs, and promoting holistic development among learners, ensuring every individual has the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.




B. Ed. Guidance and Counselling

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B. Ed. Special Education

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