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  1. Educational Philosophies and Theories: Educational foundations explore philosophies, theories, and historical perspectives that underpin educational practices, shaping the principles and goals of education.

  2. Foundations of Teaching and Learning: It examines fundamental principles of teaching and learning, addressing pedagogical approaches, curriculum development, and assessment methods.

  3. Early Childhood Development: Early childhood education focuses on the development of young children, emphasizing the critical period from birth to around age 8, encompassing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth.

  4. Play-Based Learning: It promotes play-based learning approaches that foster creativity, imagination, and holistic development in young children, recognizing play as a fundamental aspect of early learning.

  5. Curriculum Design for Young Learners: Early childhood education involves designing developmentally appropriate curriculum, activities, and learning experiences tailored to young children's needs and interests.

  6. Parental Involvement and Family Support: It emphasizes the importance of parental involvement, family support, and community engagement in nurturing early childhood development and learning.

  7. Child-Centered Approaches: Educational foundations and early childhood education prioritize child-centered approaches, respecting children's autonomy, interests, and individual learning styles.

  8. Professional Development: It supports the professional development of educators and caregivers, equipping them with skills, strategies, and knowledge to provide quality early childhood education.

Educational foundations and early childhood education lay the groundwork for effective teaching practices, holistic child development, and the creation of supportive learning environments, recognizing the significance of early experiences in shaping lifelong learning and well-being.




B.Ed. Early Childhood Education

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B.Ed. Primary Education

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